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Olga-Maria Zenon, LLM International Law

I attended UCL for my Master’s degree during the academic year 2014-2015, and I graduated with an LLM in International Law.

UCL played an important role in elevating my interest in international legal issues, and I’d like to thank Dr. Kimberley Trapp in particular, as she was able to grab my attention from the very first lecture. The discussions we had during our International Human Rights Law lectures were an eye-opener on many complex and oftentimes controversial issues, and helped me appreciate the direct impact that International Law has on everything happening around us. Furthermore, I was able to relate to some of these issues on a personal level, due to the ongoing non-implementation of fundamental International Law principles in relation to my home country of Cyprus.

My experience at UCL Laws was both intellectually stimulating and personally enjoyable, as I was able to study modules that really interested me, and had the privilege of being taught by distinguished and passionate academics such as Dr. Trapp herself. Studying an LLM can be very demanding at times, but it helped me prepare for the fast-paced world of Corporate Law that I currently practice in.

In terms of extra-curricular activities, my fondest memory is definitely the Masquerade Law Ball and all the dancing that took place there.

Since graduating from UCL, I returned to Cyprus and qualified for the Cyprus Bar. This entailed a one-year traineeship at a law firm and sitting 10 exams on all core areas of law.

After successfully completing my traineeship in August 2016, I was fortunate to be employed by that same law firm as a corporate associate, and have now been working there for almost a year. Working at this firm and in the private sector of law has been very rewarding thus far; I have already learned so much about the ‘business’ side of law, which, for someone who had more experience in human rights, was not something I was entirely familiar with.

Nevertheless, although I currently work in Corporate Law, my interest in both International Law and Human Rights Law remains strong as ever, especially in light of recent international political and legal developments around the world. Completing my LLM in International Law at UCL Laws expanded my fascination for current affairs and international relations and made me realise that both of the above-mentioned areas of law have the power to influence the everyday lives of people around us.

Finally, a piece of advice for anyone thinking of applying to UCL: be prepared to work hard, but know that it is truly worth it in the end. You will come out with a greater understanding of how the world works, you will meet people from a wide range of backgrounds and nationalities, and you will make invaluable connections that will definitely help in your future.


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