UCL Laws Postgraduate and Early Careers Conference

We are delighted to announce the first annual UCL Laws Postgraduate and Early Career Conference which will be held at UCL Laws on Monday 3 November, 2014.

Creative Constraints

The theme of the conference is ‘Creative Constraints’. We invite participants to set aside the disciplinary taxonomy generally used to organise legal thinking (e.g. torts, constitutional law, human rights, commercial transactions) in order to take a fresh look at their research. Participants are invited to submit an abstract casting their proposed presentation in one of the four conference streams.

Each stream is comprised of a pair of opposite words. These streams are designed as prompts to stimulate creative thinking and to see a particular area of law in a new light. We provide a short description of each stream, but these should be seen as sources of inspiration rather than as limitations. For example, paper abstracts could address a pairing as a whole or could focus on only one of its terms.

We hope this approach will allow participants to consider how their research relates to the work of other researchers, how other disciplines or perspectives might influence their work, and whether this might lead to new research methods, questions or collaborations.

The four streams are:

STREAM 1: One/Many
STREAM 2: Silence/Noise
STREAM 3: Gateways/Barriers
STREAM 4: Entanglement/Unraveling