UCL Laws Postgraduate and Early Careers Conference 2016

We would like to invite all postgraduate research students and early career academics to submit abstracts for UCL Laws’ annual Post-Graduate and Early Career Conference. The conference will run for one day on Friday 19 February 2016 at UCL in London.

CONFERENCE THEME: Creative Freedoms

The theme of the conference is “Creative Freedoms”. We invite participants to set aside the disciplinary taxonomy generally used to organise legal thinking (e.g. torts, constitutional law, human rights, commercial transactions) in order to take a fresh look at their research. Participants are invited to submit an abstract casting their proposed presentation in one of the three conference streams detailed below.

The streams are composed of pairs of contrasting themes. We hope that this will enable researchers to think about the streams in innovative and creative ways, and evaluate their area of law from a new perspective. Although descriptions are provided for each stream, these should be considered more as sources of inspiration than prescriptive. For example, researchers submitting paper abstracts may address both contrasting themes in each stream or focus only on one. We hope this approach will allow participants to consider how their research relates to the work of others in different disciplines as well as how new perspectives might influence their work by suggesting new research methods, raising fresh questions or proposing innovative collaborations.

STREAM 1: Uniformity & Diversity
STREAM 2: Promises & Breaches
STREAM 3: Liberties & Limitations