UCL Laws talk Brexit in the media

Thursday 20 April 2017

Media appearances:

‘Can the Brexit clock be stopped?,’ Professor Piet Eeckhout, Professor of EU Law at UCL Laws, in the Financial Times’ Brexit Briefing (£) – 6 April 2017

– Professor Piet Eeckhout, Professor of EU Law at UCL Laws discusses the Supreme Court Brexit ruling on BBC London – from 2:50:00. (Available until 22 February 2017) – 24 January 2017.

‘UK naive to expect easy ride in Brexit trade talks, says Lords report’, Professor Piet Eeckhout in The Guardian – 13 December 2016

Brexit, environmental law and the Canadian model and Brexit unlikely to give UK free rein over green laws, Professor Richard Macrory CBE on The ENDS Report – 7 December 2016

‘Britons could launch Brexit claims flood in human rights court, Dr Virginia Mantouvalou quoted in The Times – 7 December 2016

Judges rocked by populist backlash after Brexit ruling‘, Professor Jeff King in The Financial Times – 5 November

– ‘Brexit hits speed bump as court rules lawmakers must get say,’ Professor Jeff King on Daily Mail – 4 November 2016

‘Court ruling casts doubt on UK Brexit timetable’, Professor Jeff King on Global Government Forum – 4 November 2016

– ‘Without a Constitution, ‘Brexit’ Is Guided by a Prerogative. But Whose?’, Professor Jeff King in The New York Times – 17 October 2016

– ‘Can the UK take over existing EU trade agreements?’, Professor Piet Eeckhout on the BBC – 7 October 2016

– ‘A UK Supreme Court case will provide a clear legal path to block Article 50 and stop Brexit’, Professor Jeff King on Business Insider UK – 15 August 2016

–  ‘Theresa May risks human rights challenge for treating EU nationals as ‘bargaining chips’, Virginia Mantouvalou talks to The Courier – 21 July 2016

– ‘You Can’t Blame Brussels for Brexit’ – Ronan McCrea in The Irish Times – 30 June 2016

‘Brexit Can Still Be Blocked’ – Tom Hickman and Jeff King in The Independent – 28 June 2016

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