Alejandro Chehtman

Alejandro Chehtman

LL.B. (2001) University of Buenos Aires, MSc Political Theory (2003) LSE, PhD (2009) LSE

Marie Curie Fellow

+44 (0)20 3108 8320

Dr Alejandro Chehtman is currently Marie Curie Fellow at the Centre for International Courts and Tribunals, UCL. He is also Assistant Professor at the Law School of the University Torcuato Di Tella (on leave) and a Member of the Argentine National Research Council (CONICET). He studied Law at the University of Buenos Aires, and did his MSc in Political Theory and his PhD in Law at the LSE. His main research areas are Public International Law, International Criminal Law, International Humanitarian Law, with a special interest in theoretical and philosophical issues. Alejandro has clerked at the Federal Appeals Chamber for Criminal Matters, and worked at the Public Defence Office in Buenos Aires. He is currently part of the Research Panel at Matrix Chambers, London, and a member of PICT. Alejandro was a Fellow at the Law Department at LSE between 2006-9, and Research Associate to the Centre for International Courts and Tribunals, at UCL, between 2008-11.

His work has appeared in the Stanford Journal of International Law, the Journal of International Criminal JusticeLaw and Philosophyand the New Criminal Law Review, among other journals. His book The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment(OUP, 2010) was recently published in Spain by Marcial Pons (2013).

Alejandro has appeared in different media, such as CÑN, The Buenos Aires Herald, World Politics Review, and Agenda Pública.

Alejandro’s personal research interests are in legal theory and in criminal and international law, with particular emphasis on international criminal law. His current areas of research include the philosophy or rights, the justification for legal punishment, theories of authority, just war theory and international courts and tribunals. At UCL he will be working on a project on Asymmetrical warfare and an empirical study of Argentina’s Supreme Court decisions with Ted Eisenberg (Cornell Law School) and Sergio Muro (UTDT). He is also part of a Research consortium with the Universidad Autónoma de Madrid and the Universidad de Los Andes (Colombia) working on Drones in Iberoamerica.

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A Theory of Asymmetric Warfare: normative, legal and conceptual issues (Oxford University Press, 2016, under contract).

The Philosophical Foundations of Extraterritorial Punishment (Oxford: Oxford University Press, 2010).  Spanish edition: Fundamentación filosófica de la justicia penal extraterritorial, (Madrid: Marcial Pons, trans. Luciana Moron, 2013).  Reviewed in Transnational Legal Theory (2011) and Criminal Law and Philosophy (forthcoming).

Book Chapters
‘Jurisdiction’, in Markus Dubber and Tatjana Hörnle (eds), Oxford Handbook of Criminal Law (Oxford: OUP, forthcoming 2014).

‘Traditional and Contemporary Approaches to the Philosophy of Crimes against Humanity’, International Criminal Law Review, (Symposium issue on International Criminal Law and Philosophy of Law, forthcoming 2014).

‘La Corte Penal Internacional y los nacionales de Estados no partes: en busca de las bases del derecho penal internacional’ in Alejandro Consigli (ed), La protección del individuo en derecho internacional público (Buenos Aires: Consejo Argentino para las Relaciones Internacionales, 2013).

Journal Articles

“Citizenship v Territoriality: Explaining the Scope of the Criminal Law” New Criminal Law Review Vol. 13(2), 427-448 (Symposium issue).

“Developing the Capacity of Bosnia and Herzegovina to Process War Crimes Cases: Critical Notes on a ‘Success Story’”Journal of International Criminal Justice 9(3), 547-570.

‘Respuesta a Marcelo Ferrante y Hernán Gullco’, in Revista Argentina de Teoría Jurídica, vol 12(2) (December, 2011).

‘¿Es posible saber si un testigo dice la verdad?: a propósito de ‘Detecting lies and deceit, pitfalls and opportunities’ de Aldert Vrij’, Revista de Derecho Penal y Procesal Penal Num. 10 (2011).

‘Developing Local Capacity for War Crimes Trials: insights from Bosnia and Herzegovina, Colombia and Sierra Leone’, Stanford Journal of International Law 49(2) (2013), 297-329.

‘The Extraterritorial Scope of the Right to Punish’, Law & Philosophy Vol. 29(2), 127-157. A previous version of this paper appeared in the LSE Law, Society and Economy Working Papers Series (WP 4/2008).

Publications in Progress

‘Occupation courts, jus ad bellum, and non-state actors: revisiting the ethics of military occupation’, NYU Jean Monnet Center Working Paper Series (2013).

‘Defensive rights in asymmetrical conflicts’.

‘An empirical study of the Argentine Supreme Court jurisprudence’  (with Ted Eisenberg and Sergio Muro).

‘Drones in Spain and Latin-America’ (with Cárlos Espósito and René Ureña).