Jane Holder

Jane Holder

LLB (1990), PhD (1996)

Professor in Environmental Law

+44 (0)20 3108 8338


Jane’s research focuses on regulatory mechanisms for environmental protection, particularly environmental assessment and its use as a means to assess whether negative environmental impacts of policies are borne disproportionately by certain sectors of the population.

Jane’s current research interests are the regulation of decision making concerning land use and development, EU environmental law, the environmental protection aspects of common ownership (especially town and village greens), ‘green’ legal theory, environmental justice and issues of environmental identity, environmental citizenship and education for sustainable development.

Jane has built a practical element into her research on environmental protection and environmental justice by establishing (in association with the Living Space Project), the LLM LARCS (Legal Action and Research for Communities and Sustainability) course which equips law students with the skills and knowledge to undertake legal research work in local communities.

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Jane is Co Editor of the International Journal of Law in Context. In 2015 Jane was awarded the Oxford University Law Teacher of the Year award.


Jane is currently researching (with Donald McGillivray) town and village greens and the protection of open green spaces.

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  • With Maria Lee, Environmental Protection, Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2007). Published in the prestigious Law in Context series, this ‘text and materials’ book contains original research in the form of case studies on the law and policy relating to renewable energy and genetically modified organisms, used throughout the book to exemplify developments in planning law, participation in environmental decision making, risk assessment and environmental assessment.
  • With Donald McGillivray, ‘Locality, Environment and Law: the Case of Town and Village Greens’ (2007) 3(1) International Journal of Law in Context, 1-17. View this article
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  • Environmental Assessment: The Regulation of Decision Making (Oxford University Press, 2004) pp. 371 incl. app. and index. (Runner-up SLS Peter Birks’ Outstanding Contribution to Scholarship Prize, 2005). Contains several contemporary case studies which provide the basis for interdisciplinary and theoretical analysis of environmental assessment.

Other activities
Jane convenes and teaches the Global Citizenship strand on Global Environmental Justice.

Current Teaching

Environmental Law

Environmental Justice and Sustainability
Legal Action and Research for Communities and Sustainability (LARCS)
Environmental Law of the EU II

PhD supervision
Jane has supervised doctoral students working on public participation, land access isues, renewable energy, EU fisheries agreements, and EU transport policy. She welcomes applications for supervision in the following areas: environmental assessment, EU fisheries, EU habitat conservation, spatial strategy and planning at the European level and renewable energy. Jane welcomes the opportunity to supervise students working in related areas and is particularly keen to co-supervise students working on interdisciplinary projects.