Maria Lee

Maria Lee

Vice Dean (Programme Delivery and Development), Professor of Law

+44 (0)20 3108 8344


Maria Lee joined UCL as a professor of law in 2007. She taught previously at King’s College London and at the University of Central Lancashire. She was a member of the Royal Commission on Environmental Pollution (2009-2011) and the London Sustainable Development Commission (2007-2009). She is a member of the Editorial Committee of the Modern Law Review.

Maria’s main areas of expertise are in environmental law, in the governance of risk (particularly in respect of emerging technologies), and in tort law, especially the ways in which external approaches to governance contribute to the shaping of tort standards. She is currently focusing on a project around ‘Evidence, Publics and Decision-making for Major Wind Infrastructure.’

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Selected Publications

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Maria’s recent publications include:

  • ‘Landscape and knowledge in nationally significant wind energy projects’ (2017) 37 Legal Studies 3
  • ‘GMOS in the internal market: new legislation on national flexibility’ (2016) 79 Modern Law Review 317
  • ‘The Public interest in private nuisance: collectives and communities in tort’ (2015) 74 Cambridge Law Journal 329
  • EU Environmental Law, Governance and Decision-Making (2014, Hart Publishing)
  • “Private nuisance in the Supreme Court: Coventry v Lawrence” (2014) Journal of Planning and Environmental Law 705
  • “Nuisance and Regulation in the Court of Appeal” (2013) Journal of Planning and Environmental Law 277
  • EU Regulation of GMOs: Law, Decision-making and New Technology (2008, Edward Elgar)

Current Teaching

Maria Lee contributes to the undergraduate module in tort law.

Maria Lee contributes to postgraduate courses in environmental law and policy and convenes the ‘regulation and tort’ module.

Ph.D Supervision
Maria has supervised students working on tort, climate change, risk regulation, access to justice and corporate environmental responsibility. She welcomes applications in these areas and environmental law more generally.