Richard Moorhead

Richard Moorhead

Vice Dean (Research), Professor of Law and Professional Ethics

+44 (0)20 3108 8360

Richard Moorhead took up the first Chair in Law and Professional Ethics at University College London, Faculty of Laws, in 2012. He was Director of the Centre for Ethics and Law until 2016. His work focuses on lawyers’ ethics, professional competence, the regulation of legal services and access to justice. Often employing empirical methods, he has conducted a wide range of studies, including for the Ministry of Justice, Legal Services Board, Civil Justice Council, and the Law Society.

He has been a member of the Civil Justice Council and the Lord Chancellor´s Advisory Committee on Legal Ethics, the Legal Services Consultative Panel. He has also served as Specialist Adviser to what is now the Justice Select Committee. He sits on the editorial board of the International Journal of the Legal profession and the advisory board of the Journal and Law and Society.

He is also a keen blogger ( and features regularly in the legal press and mainstream media.

Ongoing work includes: a study of the ethical capacities of new advocates (with the Advocacy Training Council funded by the Legal Education Foundation); a study of the ethics, values and professional identity of law students in the US and UK and a major study on the role and ethics of in-house lawyers; and the role of values in ethical decision making.

He has recently completed work on the conceptualisation and management of legal risk in corporations by in-house lawyers and compliance officers (with colleagues in the Centre for Ethics and Law); and the ethical consciousness of commercial lawyers.

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Selected recent reports

Selected recent articles

  • Moorhead R. (2014) Precarious Professionalism: Some Empirical and Behavioural Perspectives on Lawyers. Current Legal Problems 67(1):447-481 01.
  • Sefton M, Moorhead RL, Fox C, Sidaway J (2013) Unbundled and Pro-Bono Advice for Litigants in Person: One Study, International Legal Aid Group Conference, 2013
  • Kershaw, D., & Moorhead, R. (2013). Consequential Responsibility for Client Wrongs: Lehman Brothers and the Regulation of the Legal ProfessionModern Law Review, 76 (1), 26-61.
  • R. Moorhead (2011) Filthy Lucre – Lawyers’ Fees and Lawyers’ Ethics: what’s wrong with informed consent? 31 Legal Studies 345-371

Current Teaching

Lawyers: Practice and Ethics


The Future of Law (with Richard Susskind)

PhD Supervision

Richard welcomes approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students.