Ugljesa Grusic

Ugljesa Grusic

PhD (LSE), LLM (Nottingham), LLB (Belgrade)


+44 (0) 20 3108 8468

Dr Ugljesa Grusic joined the UCL Faculty of Laws in September 2016, before which he taught at the University of Nottingham, the London School of Economics and the University of Belgrade.

Ugljesa obtained his LLB from the Faculty of Law of the University of Belgrade, his LLM from the University of Nottingham, and his doctorate from the London School of Economics and Political Science. He was also a visiting research student at Sciences Po in Paris, France. As of March 2017, he is a Visiting Research Fellow at the School of Law of Deakin University, Australia. In 2016 he was a Visiting Fellow at the Max Planck Institute for Comparative and International Private Law in Hamburg, Germany and a Fellow of King’s College London Transnational Law Summer Institute.

Ugljesa has published in leading academic journals, including the Modern Law Review, International and Comparative Law Quarterly, Yearbook of European Law and the Journal of Private International Law. His book The European Private International Law of Employment was published by Cambridge University Press in 2015. He is one of the co-authors of the 15th edition of Cheshire, North & Fawcett’s Private International Law, forthcoming in 2017 with Oxford University Press.

Ugljesa won the 2015 PILIG Prize of the American Society of International Law’s Private International Law Interest Group for his book and the 2012 ICLQ Young Scholar Prize for his article “Jurisdiction in Employment Matters under Brussels I: A Reassessment”.

Ugljesa’s expertise includes private international law, especially European and English private international law, and international arbitration. He has been consulted by legal practitioners and has served as an expert witness in the English courts on foreign law, namely Serbian law and the laws of some other countries of the former Yugoslavia.

Ugljesa’s current research focuses on European private international law, the interplay between private international law and human rights, primarily with respect to the civil liability of the State for gross overseas violations of human rights, and on the relationship between domestic courts and international arbitration. His other research interests include the European private international law of employment, the relationship between substantive EU law and European private international law and the regulation of the environment in private international law.

Ugljesa is the convenor of the LLB Conflict of Laws module, the Course Director of the Notaries Practice Course, in which he teaches the Conflict of Laws module, and also teaches tort law at the LLB.

Publications – books

Cheshire, North & Fawcett: Private International Law (OUP, 15th edn, forthcoming 2017) (co-author)

The European Private International Law of Employment (CUP, 2015)

Publications – selected articles and book chapters

‘Long-Term Business Relationships and Implicit Contracts in European Private Law’ (2016) 12(4) European Review of Contract Law 395-408

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‘The Evolving Jurisdiction of ICSID’ (2009) 10(1) Journal of World Investment & Trade 69-101


Ugljesa welcomes approaches for supervision from prospective PhD students.