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Centre for Commercial Law

The principal object of UCL’s Commercial Law Centre is to promote excellence in the research and teaching of international commercial law. An important aspect of the Centre’s role is to bridge the gap between academic law and its practical application.

The work of the Centre explores the socio-economic, political and theoretical importance of commercial law. A principal aim is to bring coherence and theoretical direction to a subject traditionally viewed as merely an amorphous category or convenient umbrella term. Consistent with this aim, UCL scholars give voice to a distinctive position which views commercial law as a fundamental bedrock of principles underpinning otherwise diverse areas of private and public law. In so doing, we challenge traditional subject boundaries (such as ‘contract’, ‘restitution’ etc), drawing upon the Faculty’s jurisprudential strengths to develop a solid unifying theoretical framework. The Faculty’s commercial law research strength embraces both civilian and common law perspectives, as well as the transnational nature of commercial enterprise in the global economy.

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