The Legal Philosophy Forum is convened by postgraduate students in jurisprudence. It is a forum for discussing work in progress within or outside UCL.

The forum welcomes papers on any theoretical aspect of law. Meetings start with a presentation of 30 minutes by the speaker, followed by discussion and refreshments.


Faculty Advisors: Professor George Letsas and Dr Prince Saprai
Co-Conveners: Joe Atkinson and Paul Troop


To express interest in presenting a paper or for further information regarding the Forum please email us at:

Previous events


13 January 2017 – Kevin Walton, University of Sydney: What is a Moral Obligation to Obey the Law?


12 October 2016 – Dan Priel, Osgoode Hall Law School: The High Church of Jurisprudence: An Essay for Oxford

25 October 2016 – Marco Wan, The University of Hong Kong: ‘The Charlot s’Amuse Trial: Onanism and the Scandal of Naturalist Fiction’


17 December 2015 – Julian Sempill, Melbourne Law School, Ruler’s Sword, Citizen’s Shield: The Rule of Law & The Constitution of Power

7 December 2015 – Miguel-Jose Lopez-Lorenzo, UCL, Dispositions, Propositions, and the Nature of Legal Knowledge

17 November 2015 – James Penner, National University of Singapore: We all make mistakes: a ‘duty of virtue’ theory of restitutionary liability for mistaken payments

27 July 2015 -David Plunkett, Dartmouth College: Three Metaphysical Issues about Robust Normativity and the Law

3 June 2015 – Allen Buchanan, Duke University: The Heart of Human Rights: A workshop on Allen Buchanan’s latest book

25 March 2015 -Raquel Barradas de Freitas, UCL: Minimalism: A Closer Look at Judges as Interpreters

16 March 2015 – Dimitrios Kyritsis, University of Reading: The Possibility of Constitutional Theory

4 March 2015 – Leah Trueblood, University College Oxford: Individual Obligations in the Social World: Revisiting the Conversation between Kutz and Gardner


10 June 2014 – Paula Gaido, National Research Council of Argentina [CONICET] and the University of Cordoba, Argentina: The Exclusionary Role of Law: Revisiting Raz’s Account

9 June 2014 – Professor James Penner, National University of Singapore: The transfer of rights: A final nail in the coffin for the Hohfeldian analysis of property rights?

4 June 2014 – Dr Maksymillian del Mar, Queen Mary University of London: Neil MacCormick on Legal Reasoning


12 June 2013 – David Plunkett, Associate Professor, Dartmouth College: Legal Positivism and the Moral Aim Thesis

13 May 2013 – Octavio Luiz Motta Ferraz, Associate Professor, Warwick School of Law: Poverty, Inequality and Law: How to Interpret Social and Economic Rights?

21 March 2013 – Dan Priel, Assistant Professor of Law, Osgoode Hall Law School: Towards Classical Legal Positivism

8 March 2013 – Nick Barber: Legal Realism, Pluralism, and their Challenges


12 December 2012 – Dr Dimitrios Kyritsis, University of Sheffield: Dimensions of Legal Interpretation

9 November 2012 – Professor Robert Audi, University of Notre Dame: Normative Disagreement as a Challenge to Moral Philosophy and Philosophical Theology

24 October 2012 – Dr Dale Smith, Monash University: Are Judges Opportunistic Interpreters?

7 March 2012 – Nicos Stavropoulos, University of Oxford: Obligations and the Legal Point of View


June 2011 – Dr Kai Moller, LSE: Balancing

March 2011 – Professor James Penner, UCL: The Concepts of Law: What’s the Argument About?


November 2010 – Dr Kimberley Brownlee, University of Manchester: A Human Right against Social Deprivation

May 2010 – Professor TRS Allan, University of Cambridge: Law, Justice and Integrity: The Paradox of Wicked Laws