Private Law at UCL Laws

The Faculty of Laws at UCL brings together a vibrant group of researchers in private law, whose interests take in the law of obligations, property law, comparative law, private law theory, and the public / private law divide.

Members of our Private Law Group have published many highly regarded books and articles in these areas, and are actively engaged in organising conferences, lectures and workshops to promote informed engagement with current issues in private law scholarship.

The Private Law Group is committed to the rigorous academic study of private law topics and fostering dialogue between different communities of private law scholars including, but not restricted to, doctrinal lawyers, legal philosophers, economists, historians and sociologists.

Recent research by Group members has included:

  • the development of new theoretical frameworks in the law of obligations
  • explorations of the relationship between private law and governance in the EU
  • historical patterns of change in private law
  • new insights into legal doctrine such as the mitigation rule, nuisance, restitutionary defences and proprietary estoppel.

In addition to advancing the academic understanding of private law, our members regularly engage with a wide community of practitioners, and have measurably influenced the way in which important cases have been pleaded and decided.