UCL Laws has a longstanding reputation for high-quality legal research with real world impact. Our research has had far-reaching influences on the development of government policies, national and international laws and legal principles, and contributed to improvements in justice policy, court procedure and legal practice, as well as fostering public debate and understanding of the law and legal rights.

Research Partnerships and Innovation 

One of our distinctive features is the close and enduring working relationships with the users of our research. Whether judges, lawyers, NGOs, government departments or industry in the UK or abroad, these research partners play an active role in our research, helping to develop research agendas, facilitate research, provide feedback on work in progress and disseminate and debate results.

We have developed innovative approaches to delivering impact by:

  • providing robust empirical evidence that informs policy decisions
  • transferring specialist knowledge and providing expert advice to decision-makers
  • raising public awareness of and participation in social debates

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Find out more about our world leading research projects that have had lasting impacts on law and society, and the researchers behind them, through our Real World Impact Case Studies.

Impact Case Studies