Graduate Research

Essential steps

These are the essential steps for applying for a PhD at UCL Laws:



Before applying

Before you apply you should research your project proposal. When you have a suitable outline of your research, identify and get in touch with a potential supervisor whose research interests align with what you want to study. You should email the academic you are interested in working with directly. This is an important step and you should consult the guidance on identifying a supervisor here.

You are asked to identify and contact a potential supervisor simply to establish whether that individual would be interested in principle and also in a position to supervise your PhD should you ultimately be successful with your application.  Faculty members may already be supervising their maximum number of PhD students or may be on sabbatical and unable to take on any new students.  Members of the Faculty will not provide any additional information to you about you application.  All decisions on PhD applications are made by a separate UCL Laws PhD Applications Team once all applications have been received.

How to apply

All formal applications to UCL are made online through central admissions. You will be able to track the progress of your application via the UCL applicant Portal (log in required).

Supporting documents

To complete your application you must also submit the following supporting documents:

Your referees must submit your references by the application deadline

Use the links to find out more. You must submit all of these before our application deadline or your application will not be considered.