Graduate Research

Recently completed PhDs

UCL Laws has a vibrant community of outstanding research students. You can read more about research by students who have recently completed their studies at UCL Laws below.


Dr Ghislaine Lanteigne, The Best Interests of the Child in Relocation Disputes: England and Wales, and Canada

Dr Claire Lougarre, The Right to Health: Legal Content through Supranational Monitoring

Dr Vassiliki Martzoukou, Claims to Resources and Positive Obligations under the European Convention on Human Rights

Dr Natalie Ohana, Social Exclusion through Legal Naming Events: The Case Study of Violence against Women by Male Partners

Dr Luke Price, Improving the legal regulation of organisations by re-assessing the requirements of responsibility in the corporate context

Dr Oisin Suttle, Equality in Global Commerce: Towards a Theory of Justice in World Trade Law

Dr Maria Tzanakopoulou, In Defence of Constitutionalism: Democracy, Power and the Nation State


Dr Jay Strader, The impact of neoclassical price theory on monopolization law: a transatlantic perspective

Dr Azadeh Chalabi, National Human Rights Action Plans: A Roadmap to Development Dr Rόnán Kennedy

Dr Sarah Nason, Judicial Review in England and Wales: A Constructive Interpretation of the Role of the Administrative Court

Dr Rebecca Smith, Moral Equality and Rights: A Specificationist Account of Rights in Conflict

Dr Joanna Rudd, International bank regulation in the pre-Basel era: the maintenance of the global financial system through inter-state collaboration and informal cooperation.


Dr Shireen Fisher, A tale of two treaties: the uneasy convergence of international law and domestic interpretation.

Dr Florence Thépot, The Interaction between Competition Law and Corporate Governance: Opening the ‘Black Box’

Dr Carlos Reynaldo Herrera Martin, Judicial Review of Expropriation. The Case of Mexico

Dr Surutchada Chullapram, A comparative study of online political speech regulation in the UK, the USA, and Thailand

Dr Andreas Kokkinis, Rethinking the corporate governance of UK banks

Dr Catrina Denvir, What is the net worth? Young people, civil justice and the internet

Dr Despoina Mantzari, Appeals from Utilities Regulators in the US and the UK – What are the Limits of Judicial Review of Economic Evidence?

Dr Joseph Spooner, Personal insolvency law in the modern consumer credit society: English and comparative perspectives