LAWSG004 The Machinery of Environmental Protection: Institutions, Governance and Regulation

Credit value: 15 credits (7.5 ECTS, 150 learning hours)
Convenor: Maria Lee
Other Teachers: Steven Vaughan
Teaching Delivery: 10 x 2-hour weekly seminars, Term One
Who may enrol: Any UCL Master’s student
Prerequisites: None
Must not be taken with: None
Qualifying module for: LLM in Energy Law;
LLM in Environmental Law and Policy
Introductory video Currently there is no introductory video for this module
Practice Assessment: Opportunity for feedback on one optional practice essay
Final Assessment: One 2-hour unseen written examination (100%)
Module Overview
Module summary:

This course explores the ways in which we protect the environment. We will explore the institutional structures (International, transnational, domestic) within which environmental protection is governed, alongside the fascinating subjects of the different approaches to regulation of environmental protection regulation. Different environmental challenges, and responses to them, will be used to explore this material.

This module is designed both to deepen and enrich the study of other environmental law modules, and to stand alone for those students who want some insights into environmental protection in particular, and regulation and governance more generally.

Module syllabus:

The precise issues taught will vary. We will discuss substantive matters of environmental protection including pollution control, climate change, environmental assessment, water protection, and risky products. The syllabus is likely to include the following:

  • Command and control regulation
  • Economic instruments for environmental protection
  • Environmental protection beyond and within the state
  • Public and private in environmental protection
  • Technical approaches to environmental protection – risk assessment and cost benefit analysis
  • Public participation in environmental decision making
  • The place of the court in environmental protection
Recommended materials:

Module reading lists and other module materials will be provided via online module pages, once students have made their module selections upon enrolment. No single book takes the approach envisaged for this module. The convenor is happy to discuss reading if contacted by a student during the module.

Preliminary reading:

You might like to refer to Holder and Lee, Environmental Protection, Law and Policy (Cambridge University Press, 2007), which whilst a little dated now, provides useful material relevant to many of the classes, as does Bell, McGillivray and Pedersen, Environmental Law (2013).