LAWSG142 Law and Governance of Global Health

Credit value: 15 credits (7.5 ECTS, 150 learning hours)
Convenor: Jonathan Montgomery
Other Teachers: None
Teaching Delivery: 10 x 2-hour weekly seminars, Term Two
Who may enrol: Any UCL Master’s student
Prerequisites: None
Must not be taken with: None
Qualifying module for: LLM in Criminal Justice, Family and Social Welfare
LLM in International Law
LLM in Public Law
Introductory video
Practice Assessment: Opportunity for feedback on one optional practice essay
Final Assessment: One 3,000-word essay (100%)
Module Overview
Module summary:

This module examines the legal and governance arrangements for global health. The seminars examine the role of domestic and international laws in promoting health, including how health concerns are balanced against other values such as personal liberty, commerce, and free speech. It examines the scope and nature of the ‘right to health’ and how it has been put into effect in international conventions and specific legal systems. It considers issues around access to care; including justiciable rights to care, and the tension between intellectual property rights and affordable medicines. It explores aspects of tobacco control; including the Framework Convention, country specific restrictions, and disputes around free trade and the packaging of products. The course provides scope for incorporating cases studies chosen to match the interests of students, such as infectious disease control, legal regulation of rationing decisions, the health rights of women and children. As a result the outline below is indicative and may be adapted to suit the needs of students taking the course this session once we have met in the first week.

Module syllabus:

  1. The Right to Health I
  2. The Right to Health II
  3. Rights to health care: the NHS as a case study
  4. Non-communicable disease – the case of tobacco (1)
  5. Trade and Global Health: Access to Medicines
  6. Reproductive and Child Health
  7. Communicable Disease: vaccination policies , HIV Transmission
  8. Public Health Emergencies of International Concern: Responding to Ebola, Zika and pandemic influenza
  9. Health Worker Migration
  10. Social-economic threats to health: climate change, gun control, anti-vax, obesity
Recommended materials:

No single text covers the entire course and you will refer to a range of materials, most of which are publicly available on the internet or electronically through the UCL library resources.  These will include some primary legal materials (Conventions, statutory provisions, cases) as well as commentary.  Most of the topics are covered in:

Other useful sources include:

Preliminary reading:

  • J. Wolff, (2012) The Human Right to Health London: W.W. Norton
  • Gostin L.O., Friedman E.A., Buse K, Waris A, Mulumba M, Joel M, Dare L, Dhai A and Sridhar D, (2013) ‘Towards a framework convention on global health’ in Bull World Health Organ 91:790–793: