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LawWithoutWalls is an award-winning course pioneered by the University of Miami School of Law and taught in conjunction with leading law schools across the globe including UCL Laws, Harvard Law School, Stanford Law School, Fordham Law School, Peking University (STL), the University of St Gallen and the University of Sydney.

The course explores innovations in global legal education and practice through weekly virtual classes and collaborative research.

In addition to their virtual classes, participating students work in small international groups to conduct a piece of research on an assigned topic, supported by mentors who are international experts in their field.

Through this research, students identify an innovative solution to a challenge or opportunity arising from the globalisation of legal practice or education. These solutions, ‘Projects of Worth’, are presented to the LWOW community and a panel of judges at a ‘ConPosium’ that takes place at the end of each programme.

UCL offers students the opportunity to participate in three LawWithoutWalls programmes:  LWOW Original and LWOW X. You can find more information about these programmes in the following section.

Selection and participation in LawWithoutWalls offers a huge range of benefits for UCL students including individual mentorship from leading academics and practitioners, engaging with guest speakers, creating a wide network of new peers and colleagues, experience using new media learning technologies and the acquisition of a diverse range of law related and business skills.

LWOW Original and LWOW X

The LWOW Original and LWOW X programmes follow the same curriculum, save that LWOW X is an all-virtual module, making the benefits of LWOW available to a greater number of students. As such, both programmes involve a kick-off event in January, weekly virtual thought leadership sessions on Wednesday evenings (comprising of both skills-based and substantive classes), and a ConPosium at the end of the programme in April.

The only difference between the two programmes is that LWOW Original students meet in person for both the kick-off event in January and the ConPosium in April, whereas these are conducted online in the LWOW X programme. The LWOW Original kick-off is being held at Harvard Law School this year and the ConPosium will be held at the University of Miami. UCL will be responsible for students’ flight and accommodation costs in attending these events. The LWOW X kick-off and ConPosium events are held entirely online although students arre encourged to come into UCL for both events, where rooms will be made available (although students are able to participate from home).

There are four places on the LWOW Original programme and eight places on the LWOW X programme.

Find out more about these programmes on the LawWithoutWalls website or visit your UCL LawWithoutWalls Moodle page. Note that login is required for the UCL Moodle page so will only be accessible by current students.

Mentors and Partners

Throughout the course, students engage with leading practitioners and mentors from across the globe through weekly virtual mentoring sessions, creating an incredible networking, as well as learning, opportunity. To find out more about participating mentors, visit the LawWithoutWalls website.


LawWithoutWalls has won an InnovAction Award for its ingenuity in the management of the practice of law from the College of Law Practice Management.

News about other awards and press coverage for LWOW can be found on the LawWithoutWalls website.

How to Apply

Applications for LawWithoutWalls is by CV and personal video submission (more details are available via the LawWithoutWalls website). The dates for submission will be confirmed at the graduation induction week although this is ordinarily mid-October. Shortlisted students will then be invited to interview (ordinarily mid-November).

It is imperative that your application states which programmes you wish to be considered for: LWOW Original only, LWOW X only, or both programmes, (although students will only be selected for one programme).

To apply, you should submit a CV and personal video to the UCL LWOW Faculty Director, Anna Donovan as well as by applying via the LWOW website.

Your personal video should refer to why you are interested in participating in the LWOW programme and its objectives, why you should be selected as a candidate and any other relevant information.

Students will also be required to submit an application directly to the LawWithoutWalls website. The information required by UCL and LawWithoutWalls is broadly the same, to confirm, students only need to prepare one video.

Find out more

A LawWithoutWalls question and answer session will be held in as part of the LLM Induction Programme and the time and date will be included in students’ induction materials. Given the unique nature of the programme, we will also hold a separate LawWithoutWalls question and answer seminar before the application deadline. The time and date of this seminar will be confirmed during the graduate induction session.

If you have any further questions about LawWithoutWalls, email Anna Donovan, or visit the LawWithoutWalls website.