Academic Mentors

In light of student feedback on the Personal Tutoring system, the Faculty is piloting a new Academic Mentoring system for the 2016-2017 academic year. At the end of the pilot, feedback will be sought from students and staff and the success of the pilot reviewed in order to create a long term plan. 

The key features of the 2016-17 pilot are as follows:

      • The name of the Personal Tutor has been changed to Academic Mentor, to clarify the students’ understanding of the role;
      • Academic Mentors will meet with their mentees 3 times a year (mentors may meet their mentees as a group sometimes) and be available to meet with you outside those meetings, if you contact your mentor to ask to meet with your mentor;
      • Students will be allocated a new academic mentor each year. You will be able to approach any one of your Academic Mentors to request a reference.

Your Academic Mentor is there to:

      • take an interest in you as their mentees;
      • be informed about your academic progress& facilitate & support your learning & development;
      • monitor your attendance
      • review performance in formative essays and, for first year students, Mid-Sessional Exams;
      • for second year students, discuss optional module choices;
      • discuss preparation for summer exams;
      • inspire, motivate & reassure you;
      • talk to you about day to day issues that are affecting you at any particular time;
      • empower you to make choices and take decisions
      • support you throughout your studies;
      • write references;
      • signpost the other support services that are available to you at UCL.

Whilst your Academic Mentor will change each year, welfare support, provided by UCL Student Support & Wellbeing Services & Karen Scott (Undergraduate Programme Director), for those who require additional support, will remain constant throughout your studies as will careers guidance provided by Stephen Gurman.
Your mentor may refer you to Karen Scott, the Director of Undergraduate Programmes if they consider that you would benefit from a meeting and/or advise you of the welfare, counselling and financial support services available at UCL. The Director of Undergraduate Programmes has overall responsibility for the welfare of undergraduate students. You can also ask to meet with Karen by emailing It is very important to talk to your mentor and/or Karen if you are having any issues that are affecting your work. The sooner that you do so, the more likely that any issues can be resolved.

Academic Mentor Meetings

The Faculty’s Academic Mentor Protocol specifies 3 periods during the year when Academic Mentors will arrange to meet their mentees. Mentors may meet their mentees as a group sometimes. These meetings are a chance for an informal catch up with your mentor, plus an opportunity to discuss general progress. Issues of non-attendance, non-submission of written work or poor performance noted on your module tutors’ end of term reports will also be discussed.
Academic Mentors will meet with you in advance of the start of examinations to check revision plans and to identify any problems or extenuating circumstances that need to be referred to the Course Director, Karen Scott. Mentors will generally also be available in the week following the release of examination results to discuss and advise on exam performance. If your mentor is not available, you can contact the Undergraduate Office who will arrange for you to meet Karen.
The Undergraduate Office will make students aware of the specified meeting periods at the relevant times of year. If your Academic Mentor does not get in touch with you during the prescribed periods, please email the Undergraduate Office at