Interview Process

If you have applied to one of our LLB Law with a European Legal System degree programmes (M141, M142, M144 and M146) programmes, and we are considering making an offer to you, we will invite you to attend an interview in order to assess your competence in the language of your programme.

If you have applied to the LLB Law (M100) programme, and we have identified your application as requiring particular consideration, we may invite you to attend an interview as part of the application process.

The purpose of the interview is to assess your suitability for the degree programme to which you have applied. At interview, you are expected to demonstrate that:

  • you have an interest in the world of ideas and topical, moral, political and social issues
  • you are able to reason cogently
  • you can express your views with clarity
  • you are motivated to engage in the study of law

Your interviewers will be looking for evidence of these general qualities that are expected of a successful applicant to the LLB Law undergraduate programmes. Your knowledge of the law is not being assessed at this stage and will not be considered at your interview, so please don’t worry about knowing everything before you arrive!

To explore your motivation for the programme and to help put you at ease, your interviewers might ask questions about your interests and hobbies. UCL Laws has a very active student community, so your general accomplishments may be taken into account in considering the contribution you could may make to the extra-curricular life of UCL Laws and UCL overall.