Please be aware that you do not need to wait to submit your UCAS application before registering for the LNAT. The LNAT and UCAS application are separate processes and can be completed at any time before the relevant deadlines.

What if I cannot take the LNAT before the 20 January deadline?

It is the candidate’s responsibility to register for the test in time to ensure that they are able to meet it.

As the 20 January deadline is well advertised on the UCL Laws website and the UCAS and LNAT websites, we will not consider any application where the candidate has not registered in time to take the test before the deadline.

What if there is no test centre in my country?

If you are unable to find a test centre within reasonable travelling distance from your place of residence, you should let us know as soon as possible and before the 20 January deadline so that we can make any necessary arrangements and ensure that you are able to take the LNAT exemption test.

What if I was registered to take the test before the deadline but was unable to sit it due to extenuating circumstances?

If you were registered to take the test before the deadline but were unable to do so due to illness, bereavement or another unexpected circumstance, you need to let LNAT and UCL know as soon as possible so that we can make any necessary arrangements.

When you contact UCL, you will need to provide your original registration receipt so that we can see that you were scheduled to take the test on time, and any other relevant documentation regarding your extenuating circumstances.

If your extenuating circumstances are accepted by the Director of Undergraduate Programmes, we will allow you to sit the test at a later date.

To be eligible for this consideration you must contact us as soon as possible after your scheduled test date and no later than 20 January. If you contact us after this deadline, we will not be able to consider your extenuating circumstances.

What if my performance in the LNAT was affected by extenuating circumstances?

UCL will not consider any circumstances that are not reported to and approved by LNAT.

Any circumstances that are reported to UCL after a candidate has received an outcome on their application will not be taken into consideration.

If your performance was affected by extenuating circumstances, you should contact LNAT as soon as possible after the test and inform them of the circumstances. Please note that you will need to submit supporting evidence.

If LNAT considers the evidence acceptable and adequate, they will add your name to the special cases list and we will be informed. We can then take this information into account when considering your application.

It is very important that you do not delay contacting LNAT to inform them of the circumstances, as this may affect your chances of being put on the special cases list.

Visit the LNAT website to find out more