Year 1: Contract Law



Credit value: 1.0 (30 credits, 15 ECTS)
Convenor: Dr Lucinda Miller, Dr Prince Saprai
Other Teachers:  
Teaching Delivery: 1 lecture per week, 1 tutorial every two weeks
Who may enrol: All first year students enrolled on a UCL LLB programme
Prerequisites: N/A
Must not be taken with: N/A
Qualifying module for: LLB
Practice Assessment: 2 x formative essays, 1 mid-sessional exam
Final Assessment: 100% examination

Module Overview

Module summary:

The aims of this course are: (a) to inculcate techniques of legal analysis of statutes and case law; (b) to explain and unpack the rules and doctrines that constitute the law of contract; (c) to understand the basic structure of contract law in England and Wales and evaluate it critically. Students should gain a grasp of the basic rules of contract law and acquire the skills of interpreting, applying and analysing those rules.

Some of the key themes covered are: the distinctive nature of contractual obligations; how contracts are formed; how unfair terms are regulated by the courts; vitiation of contracts for mistake, misrepresentation, undue influence and duress; breach of contract and remedies for breach.

 Module aims:

  • to introduce the idea of contract law as a distinct field in the law of obligations;
  • to assist students in learning the legal foundations governing the formation, discharge and enforceability of contracts; and
  • to familiarise students with the remedial aspects of contractual liability.

On completion of the module students should be able to:

  • identify the issues arising in a contract law problem and apply the law to the facts of the problem;
  • understand the nature of the legal rules that constitute the law of contract; and
  • grasp the theoretical underpinnings of contract law
Recommended materials:

Ewan McKendrick, Contract Law: Text, Cases, and Materials (7th edn Oxford University Press 2016)