Year 1: Public Law



Credit value: 1.0 (30 credits, 15 ECTS)
Convenor: Jeff King
Other Teachers:  
Teaching Delivery: 1 lecture per week (whole cohort), 1 tutorial every two weeks (max 8)
Who may enrol: All first year students enrolled on a UCL LLB programme
Prerequisites: N/A
Must not be taken with: N/A
Qualifying module for: LLB
Introductory video N/A


Practice Assessment: 2 x formative essays, 1 mid-sessional exam
Final Assessment: 100% examination
Module Overview
Module summary:

This compulsory first year course is an introduction to Public Law. The first part of the course covers general principles of UK Constitutional Law, including the principle of legality, the sovereignty of Parliament, the separation of powers, and the rule of law.  The second part covers the devolution of power to Northern Ireland, Scotland and Wales, an introduction to judicial review (administrative law), the constitutional dimensions of British membership of the European Union, and the judicial protection of European Convention rights under the UK Human Rights Act 1998.

Module aims:

–          To describe and assess the workings of the major UK governmental institutions and processes and to explain and discuss the ways in which the system of government in the UK has developed and diversified in recent times.

–          To explain and evaluate the concepts of sovereignty, democracy, constitutionalism, separation of powers, accountability and the rule of law and rights that are given effect in UK law.

–          To identify and evaluate the constitutional challenges associated with the creation and use of the main legal sources of governmental power: statutes, delegated legislation, prerogative powers, and (in outline) international treaties and European Union law.

Recommended materials:

M Elliott and R Thomas, Public Law (3rd edn Oxford University Press, 2017) 

J Jowell, D Oliver and C O’Cinneide eds, The Changing Constitution (8th edn Oxford University Press, 2015)