How will the project affect me? Information for events

How will the project affect me? Information for events

Transforming Bentham House means that we will have excellent facilities to host events in our own home within a state of the art surroundings.

We will be able to better support our students offering them small meeting rooms to accommodate their extra-curricular events. This will allow them to enhance the soft skills they need to become lawyers such as client negotiation, interviewing and mooting.

Our aim at UCL Laws is to reach out to the wider community. Therefore, the events that we hold are not just aimed at students but offer legal education for practising solicitors and barristers for the whole of London’s legal community.

A renewed and much improved Bentham House also gives us the perfect opportunity to welcome back our alumni to what was and always will be their student home.

This new era for UCL Laws represents an important milestone in our history. These improvements will implement our existing impressive programme of seminars, lectures, debates and conferences and continue to reflect the diversity of teaching and research at UCL Law, by giving us the opportunity to deliver an outstanding service.